The end of likes on Instagram : risk or opportunity?



This year, the famous social network Instagram announced the removal of likes on its platform. Users will still be able to like and comment on their favorite posts, but the number of likes will no longer be visible to other users. Is this new measure a risk for content creators or a new opportunity to stand out?

The end of likes: a measure not always well received

First of all, why does a network like Instagram, whose communities’ commitment to their influencers is an important core business, decide to remove any evidence of this commitment? The giant’s answer is the end of the likes’ pressure to allow users to like and share what they enjoy, without any outside social pressure.
This suppression of likes by Instagram has been tested in several countries (United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Italy,…) on a small part of the population. The news was not necessarily well received by some influencers because their disappearance would lead to a drop in likes of 3 to 15% depending on the country concerned, according to a HypeAuditor report.

Without likes, how can these influencers then differentiate themselves from others in order to enter into a partnership with a brand?

The invisibility of likes: a new opportunity for brands and content creators?

By hiding the number of likes, Instagram aims to reduce the number of passive users who do not dare to take the step, to convert them into active creators. Without the pressure of the like, these new influencers, however nano they are, will be pushed to create or share content, and influencers that are already active to post more original photos or videos, which they would never have dared to publish when they were still counting their likes.

This new measure will also encourage brands to pay greater attention to the quality of content, giving voice to more micro but specialized influencers in a more niche universe and thus reaching a more engaged and more receptive community.

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The end of likes but certainly not the end of influence marketing!

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